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One to one therapeutic support for people aged 4 and older.

All art supplies are provided and no specific art skills are required. Sessions are 50 to 60 minutes in length and four or more sessions are recommended.​

Sally is able to see:

  • Children (aged 4+)

  • Adolescents

  • Adults

Please read more below about Individual art therapy and what this might entail for children, adolescents and adults. 

Please contact me by email or via the button below to discuss your requirements. 



Art Therapy is a particularly effective treatment for all children as art comes naturally to them, puts them at ease, and is a great vehicle to promote developmental growth, expression and understanding of their feelings, and self-confidence. 


I am experienced in working with children, adolescents and families on challenges related to ASD, ADHD, attention and learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, toileting issues, trauma, family conflict, abuse, sibling issues, divorce, self-esteem and identity struggles.


Art therapy facilitates social, emotional, and cognitive development. It acknowledges that verbal language is only one way of communicating and this isn't always the easiest way for children and adolescents to work through their troubles.

My way of working incorporates:

  • Art psychotherapy

  • Story telling (narrative approaches, books, life story work)

  • Sensorimotor therapy approaches

  • Play therapy

  • Sandplay therapy

Through the use of play and creativity, art therapy provides both a safe space to express themselves, share thoughts and process emotions, and to practice their true resourcefulness. I am passionate about designing a therapy that suits your child or young person, supporting them to feel strong in themselves and proud of their voice and their unique way of being.


Art therapy can be a powerful way for adults to work through challenging emotions without needing to 'know' what to say. It has its way of accessing a felt sense experience that can have long lasting positive effects. This can help you to process feelings relating to self identity, traumatic experiences, grief and loss, stuckness, anxiety and depression. 


My way of working combines:

Art psychotherapy 

Sensorimotor therapy approaches

Sandplay therapy

Narrative therapy

We begin with where you are comfortable, for some this may be talking to begin with then moving into art making as and when you would like to. I will support you to experience yourself as capable and creative. You may have goals in mind, or may bring only feelings that you are ready to give voice to through image or form. 


You will have opportunity to use a wide variety of media for self expression, such as: clay work, drawing, felting, sandtray, collage, guided drawing, breathwork, guided meditation, nature based art therapy. 

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